Gestao de beneficios na etapa de projecto em empreendimentos hospitalares do reino unido [Managing benefits in the design of healthcare favilities in the UK]

Tillmann, P, Tzortzopoulos, P, Sapountzis, S and Formoso, C 2010, 'Gestao de beneficios na etapa de projecto em empreendimentos hospitalares do reino unido [Managing benefits in the design of healthcare favilities in the UK]' , Gestão & Tecnologia de Projetos, 5 (1) , pp. 109-132.

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Proposal: The healthcare system in the United kingdomis passing through transformation and change for improvement and innovation. Within this context, healthcare facilities are being developed in a complex multi-stakeholder environment, which usually have diverse and conflicting interests and no experience in design. This contributes for difficulties in managing their requirements, leading to low quality of design. Aiming to contribute for the management of these projects, a benefits management model is being developed and introduced in the sector by the University of Salford. This model intends to support the consideration of different stakeholders’ expectations in project development. In this sense, the aim of this paper was to bring discussions about how such approach could be adopted to support the design process within those projects. This research was developed through the participation on the model implementation, in addition to a literature review on benefits management and design approaches that are used in the UK and that could support benefits management in the design process. Main findings are related to a need for anticipating the participation of designers on project development and straightening the relationship between designers and decision makers. As a result, recommendations could be done to support benefits management throughout the design process. Keywords: Design process, project management, benefits realisation

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Design process, project management, benefits realisation
Themes: Built and Human Environment
Health and Wellbeing
Schools: Schools > School of the Built Environment > Centre for Built Environment Sustainability and Transformation (BEST)
Journal or Publication Title: Gestão & Tecnologia de Projetos
Publisher: University of São Paulo
Refereed: Yes
ISSN: 1981-1543
Depositing User: Dr Patricia Tzortzopoulos Fazenda
Date Deposited: 21 Oct 2011 11:40
Last Modified: 30 Nov 2015 23:56
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