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The ballad of Isosceles (Fix 15 biennale of live art, catalyst arts, Belfast)

Matthews, AE The ballad of Isosceles (Fix 15 biennale of live art, catalyst arts, Belfast) [Performance].
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Authors:Matthews, AE
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Abstract:A three-hour durational performance and artist's talk around this project. The Ballad of Isosceles is a one-to-one performance for two people at a time exploring voyeurism, the Lynchian iconography of the chanteuse, and the strange rhythms of vicarious pleasure. It is an origin myth about the birth of envy in a previously innocent world. Isosceles, born out of wedlock from infidelity, tells the story of how she came to be - even as she pins you to your seat as the moth to her flame. The piece explores innovative dramaturgical strategies by putting Girard's (1996) theory of 'triangulation' into spatial relations - creating an affect of envy through a particular audience set-up. As such, the piece continues my research into immersive performance strategies and the ways in which the one-to-one exchange might reveal larger macro-relations of capital and desire.
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Item Type:Performance
Schools:Schools > School of Arts & Media
Funders:Catalyst Arts
Event Title:FIX 15 Biennale of Live Art
Event Location:Catalyst Arts, Belfast
Event Dates:6/12/15-7/12/15
ID Code:37378
Depositing User: AE Matthews
Deposited On:09 Dec 2015 10:36
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