Sea of madness

Knudsen, E 2006, Sea of madness [Video].
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Authors:Knudsen, E
Abstract:Identical teenage twin girls, one of whom has cancer, escape their stifling middle-class home life in search of their natural father, whom they have not seen since infancy. Their adventure, fuelled by a unique spiritual bond and aspiration, leads them through a northern British city during one night, in which they experience, through episodic encounters and events, the under-belly of their society. They are helped by people, the likes of whom they have never seen before: a young renegade who has made his home under the bowels of a supermarket; a transvestite fairground worker alienated from his work; a mysterious bag lady and others. One final major obstacle tests their faith and resolve, and leads to fundamental change for both of them. This is an intimate and intense story taking us into the alienation of two teenage girls caught between conflicting values and allegiances.
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Additional Information:Sea of Madness (fiction, 86 minutes) was completed in June 2006 and is due for theatrical release during 2006 and early 2007, following initial festival screenings. Festivals submitted to include the Sundance Film Festival in the US and the Rotterdam Film Festival in the Netherlands. It was produced by the independent production and distribution company, One Day Films Limited, and is available for DVD purchase and internet streaming from
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Date:June 2006
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