Determinants of turnover intention among faculty members in Saudi public universities

Albaqami, AS 2016, Determinants of turnover intention among faculty members in Saudi public universities , PhD thesis, University of Salford.

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The current research aims to investigate the determinants of turnover intention among faculty members at Saudi public universities. Turnover intention defines the intention of an individual to leave their current position of employment, and these concepts have been shown within previous investigations to be the desired plan by an employee to leave and search for another position. Moreover, turnover intention has been demonstrated to be a proximal antecedent, which exhibits the perceptions and understandings of employees in relation to alternatives for the possibility of jobs. The determinants of turnover intention are divided into three sections: the demographic variables (i.e. age, gender, tenure and position), the organisational variables (i.e. interpersonal relationships, working environment, and payment justice), and individual variables (i.e. organisational commitment and job satisfaction) for faculty members who are working in Saudi public universities. The current study was conducted in the remit of five public universities within the region of Al-Riyadh in Saudi Arabia (King Saud University, Al-Imam University, Prince Salman University, Al-Mujam’ah University and Shaqraa University. Furthermore, the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) Version 20 was used to analyse the data findings, and the analysis incorporated the generation of statistics in the analysis of the demographics and general profile of the respondents, as well as the frequency distributions that were generated for each demographic and descriptive variables. A regression test was conducted to measure the correlation between individuals, the organisational and demographic variables, and the effectual turnover intention among faculty members. It was revealed that the most imperative determinant to affect turnover intention was interpersonal relationships, which demonstrated relative importance (70.4). This was then followed by the working environment, job satisfaction, organisational commitment, turnover intention, and the payment justice respectively. Additionally, it was confirmed that no significant impact existed in turnover intention at Saudi Arabian universities from the determinants of age of a faculty member or tenure. Nevertheless, a significant influence of a faculty member's gender and position on turnover intention did exist. However, no significant impact is evident at Saudi Arabian Universities in relation to the interpersonal relationships of faculty members on their overall turnover intention. Similarly, no direct impact exists at the Saudi Arabian Universities between organisational commitment and the turnover intention of faculty members. There is a significant impact at Saudi Arabian Universities from job satisfaction upon the turnover intention of faculty members. It has been determined that it is becoming integral for all Saudi Arabian academic organisations to adopt the most suitable approaches in order to implement the reduction of turnover intention for faculty members. Universities within the country may be able to reduce the turnover intention of its faculty members through improving its working environment and its payment system, which will ultimately lead an increase in faculty members’ job satisfaction. Additionally, within Saudi Arabian universities, the working environment, payment justice, and job satisfaction determine the turnover intention of faculty members. Furthermore, two demographic variables are present within this formulation, which are associated with faculty members’ overall turnover intention: gender and their job position. The researcher recommends that future research is required with the intention to incorporate additional universities in other Saudi districts in order to create a more substantial generalization.

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