The life and literary career of W. Stanley Houghton, 1881-1913

Mortimer, P 1984, The life and literary career of W. Stanley Houghton, 1881-1913 , PhD thesis, University of Salford.

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This thesis is a study of the life and literary career of W. Stanley Houghton. Its overall aim is to bring together for the first time, as complete a history as possible of all his work: plays, dramatic criticisms, essays, sketches and short stories, and at the same time plot his short life and thereby provide a detailed biography of the kind not previously available. It begins by tracing the family history, his birth and early life. Then follows his occupation along with his early works and the experiences he gained from the Manchester Athenaeum Dramatic Society. His method of composition is also discussed. Consideration is then given to Manchester's heritage in order to highlight its appeal for Miss Horniman and Iden Payne whose influential repertory theatre led directly to Houghton writing his first professional plays . Harold Brighouse is discussed in some detail because he was Houghton's close friend and because no standard biography exists of him. The put played by The Manchester Guardian is then assessed because of its influence in the development of literary criticism and because Houghton contributed many such literary articles to it. There he met some of the paper's highly respected critics who later featured in his life, particularly A.N. Monkhouse, and these too are appraised. A detailed study of each of the plays is then made with some grouped together for particular reasons; others have chapters to themselves whilst his most famous play, Hindle Wakes, has the longest chapter of all. A study of his life in London and Paris as a result of his fame is made, and his prose works, both for their intrinsic merit and the insight they offer into his drama, are considered. The conclusion puts his era into perspective and establishes his place in the development of British drama by outlining his particular skills and the contributions he made.

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