Some transport properties of the indium antimonide/nickel antimonide eutectic system

Harrington, J 1970, Some transport properties of the indium antimonide/nickel antimonide eutectic system , PhD thesis, University of Salford.

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The eutectic InSb-NiSb system was found by Wilhelm and Weiss to contain undirectionally orientated inclusion rods of NiSb in a matrix of InSb . The Hall coefficient , electrical conductivity and magnetoresistance have been investigated from 77°K to 6500K, while thermo-electric power and thermal conductivity measurements have been plotted from 3200K to 590oK, on samples cut so that the directional anisotropy could be examined. Of particular interest, a sample orientated so that the inclusion rods, current and magnetic field are mutually perpendicular changes its resistance by a factor 9 (at 7kg) at 300oK. Measurements well above 300oK show a general convergence of properties, while well below this temperature the samples become p-type , with electrical conductivity progressively falling . For rods parallel to the temperature gradient the thermo-electric power o - I 0 0 -I 0 decreases from l84fAV K at 320 K to l5~fAV K at 600 K, whereas rods parallel o -I t o the temperature gradient show a much sharper fall from 265;OV K to l 5~VoK-' at the same temperatures, accompanied by thermal conductivity values of lesser disparity. The size and distribution of the inclusions was probed by stereoscan electron microscopy, giving average dimensions of length 2. 20p, and diameter O. 72}J. The modifications in Hall effect and magnetoresistance brought about by the inclusions can be explained by comparison with similar values obtainable from pure InSb samples of various geometries , while the thermo-electric power and thermal conductivity can be explained by a model based on the nature of the inclusions.

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