Discover, extend and reposition the solo repertoire of the Salvation Army for the performing baritone/euphonium player

Tee, E 2019, Discover, extend and reposition the solo repertoire of the Salvation Army for the performing baritone/euphonium player , MPhil thesis, University of Salford.

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This study seeks to discover, extend and reposition the solo repertoire of the Salvation Army for the performing baritone player. The solo repertoire for the baritone, a saxhorn instrument within the euphonium family, compared to other solo instruments is rather limited. During my research for this project I have found that the solo repertoire for the baritone within The Salvation Army church needs extending and for existing works to be discovered. I have spoken to leading musicians within The Salvation Army and researched within the UK as well as worldwide. I have also investigated the history of this instrument internationally to expand my knowledge of repertoire and music for the baritone more widely.

This portfolio outlines three projects that seek to extend and enhance current repertoire for the baritone. I have sourced new compositions either with piano accompaniment or brass band accompaniment, found previously composed pieces that are unknown to many or from composers that have not yet published works, and explored new ways to bring baritone solos to the public.

Project 1 involves commissioning composers to write and arrange new solos specifically for the baritone, this will either be with piano accompaniment or standard brass band accompaniment. I advised each composer to think of creating a solo between the standards of grades 5-8 ABRSM (The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music is a music examination board based in the UK which provides graded examinations in centres across the UK) with either accompaniment and that could be used in a Salvation Army setting. I performed the majority of these new pieces in a recital in Peel Hall, University of Salford, in May 2016.

Project 2 investigates pieces for the baritone or Bb brass instrument (and in some cases the euphonium) that are in existence but as yet have not been published or performed. This could also include pieces that may have been published but have yet to be performed. I performed and recorded these pieces throughout 2016 and 2017.

Project 3 involves collating newly found and written works that will be available in a solo album. This album will allow mainstream baritone players from Salvation Army church bands around the world to access and perform solos on a regular basis. This also gives baritone players something of a reasonable standard to work towards within their bands taking into account the standard of the majority of such community church bands.

The baritone is becoming more popular as a solo instrument recognised by the very nature of this project; therefore, it is necessary to extend the available repertoire to further enhance this especially within The Salvation Army. This will be discussed below. For instance, Severn Suite (Elgar, 1932) is an example in which the baritone is given a more substantial role than the euphonium which is quite unique, also baritone soloists such as Katrina Marzella (soloist with the Black Dyke Band) (Marzella K. January 2018) and Kirsty Rowe (International baritone soloist) (Rowe K. January 2018) have both brought out solo CD’s showing an interest and awareness of baritone solos however this has not taken place in The Salvation Army so far. Other baritone soloists and their contribution to works for baritone will be discussed later in this project. This portfolio will talk about the history of the instrument and the many composers that I contacted and consequently commissioned to write music for either of the three projects. It includes repertoire currently in existence for the solo baritone player and will argue why this needs to be further enhanced within The Salvation Army, due to a distinct lack of solo repertoire.

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