Knudsen, E 1995, Reunion [Video].
Authors:Knudsen, E
Abstract:Reunion is a creative documentary exploring spirituality and our perception of the spiritual. Using a mixture of fiction and documentary genres, archive footage and animation, we are directed to look once again at nature and our relationship to it, and at our relationship towards the question of life after death. In Reunion, we are taken on a journey by a narrator, gradually revealed to be a discarnate spirit. The narrative thrust of the film centres around the narrator's quest to make his widowed wife feel and understand his attempts to reach her from a different dimension. In doing this, he takes us on a journey through the world as he used to know it, our world as we know it, and via his hindsight, we are challenged to question a narrow understanding of reality. Part of this challenge takes the form of an introduction to the spiritualist medium Mavis Pittilla who, as herself, demonstrates and explains the work she does as a medium. The documentary footage of her at work is mind-boggling. During the film, we are presented with a number of ways in which a spiritual dimension might well present itself in a society which does not readily accept such notions as easily as most non-western societies do.
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