The interaction of lean and building information modeling in construction

Sacks, R, Koskela, LJ, Dave, B and Owen, R 2010, 'The interaction of lean and building information modeling in construction' , Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 136 (9) , pp. 968-980.

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Lean construction and Building Information Modeling are quite different initiatives, but both are having profound impacts on the construction industry. A rigorous analysis of the myriad specific interactions between them indicates that a synergy exists which, if properly understood in theoretical terms, can be exploited to improve construction processes beyond the degree to which it might be improved by application of either of these paradigms independently. Using a matrix that juxtaposes BIM functionalities with prescriptive lean construction principles, fifty-six interactions have been identified, all but four of which represent constructive interaction. Although evidence for the majority of these has been found, the matrix is not considered complete, but rather a framework for research to explore the degree of validity of the interactions. Construction executives, managers, designers and developers of IT systems for construction can also benefit from the framework as an aid to recognizing the potential synergies when planning their lean and BIM adoption strategies.

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Journal or Publication Title: Journal of Construction Engineering and Management
Publisher: American Society of Civil Engineers
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ISSN: 0733-9364
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Date Deposited: 10 Jun 2010 10:13
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