USIR Policy Highlights

This section takes highlights from the USIR Policy Document, which describes in detail USIR policies on open access, material that can be submitted to and stored in USIR, criteria for eligibility to deposit material along with our policy on long term preservation of material and quality control. The USIR Policy Document also highlights the selection, retention and withdrawal procedures relating to research material held in USIR.

Further detailed information about particular areas of the policy can be found in the USIR Policy Document which can be accessed via the navigation bar to the left of this page.


(for further information see Section 2 of the USIR Policy Document)

Types of Material stored in USIR

The Collection will exist of the following types of digital material produced as a result of scholarly research:

Research output that is mandated, by the University of Salford’s Open Access Policy, to be deposited in USIR:

  • Journal articles produced while employed by the University of Salford, since 1st January 2010, and published in peer-reviewed journals.

The following types of material are not yet mandated, but the deposit of these items is strongly encouraged:

  • Conference and workshop items
  • Research Theses (see Section 2.2.2 for full listing)
  • Books and book sections
  • Datasets
  • Multimedia, audio-visual materials, still images and Software
  • Official University documents
  • Technical reports, commissioned reports, and other un-refereed research output
  • Newsletters of significant research groups

Status of material stored in USIR

  • USIR includes both peer-reviewed and non-peer reviewed items
  • USIR includes both published and non-published items


(for further information see Section 3 of the full USIR Policy Document)

  • The University of Salford has an open access mandate which requires that any research output produced whilst employed by the University since 1st January 2010 be deposited in USIR, and that the full text of a peer-reviewed journal should be deposited and made available as soon as publisher restrictions will allow. (See Section 3.1 for full details)
  • Items may only be deposited by accredited members of the university, or their delegated agents.
  • Authors may only submit their own work.
  • Where an item has multiple authors and they have retained copyright in the work, the depositing author must obtain permission from all the other contributing authors before depositing the work.
  • USIR is happy to include papers authored by University of Salford staff while employed by other institutions.


(for further information see Section 4 of the full USIR Policy Document)

  • The metadata schema used throughout by USIR will be principally based on Dublin Core
  • Anyone may access the metadata free of charge
  • The metadata may be reused in any medium without prior permission for not-for-profit purposes provided the OAI Identifier or a link to the original metadata record is given, and the repository is mentioned and should be cited as University of Salford Institutional Repository


(for further information see Section 6 of the full USIR Policy Document)

  • Digital items produced as a result of research activity at the University of Salford and deposited by an eligible depositor will be accepted and retained in USIR unless:
    • The item infringes copyright or other rights
    • The item is in a format which cannot be stored or displayed satisfactorily
    • The item has a virus or other technical problem
  • If a depositor leaves the employment of the University of Salford, their items will be retained in USIR
  • USIR will, upon notification, consider removing any material on receipt of a complaint (further details can be found in section 6.3 of the USIR Policy Document)
  • Complaints include contact from the owner or representative of the owner with intellectual property rights in all or part of the resource; the creator of all or part of the resource who has moral rights or any individual or organisation who believes that any of the material held on the Institutional Repository is in some way illegal.


(for further information see Section 7 of the full USIR Policy Document)

  • All depositors will be required to agree to a non-exclusive USIR DEPOSIT LICENCE in order to give permission for their work to be held in USIR, to provide for the distribution of their work, and to allow ongoing preservation of both their work and/or the related metadata
  • Where research is generated as a result of collaboration between multiple authors. USIR will accept an author signature on behalf of his/her co-author/s in good faith. Should there be an objection raised, the material in question will be withdrawn subject to further investigation of the complaint


(for further information see Section 8 of the full USIR Policy Document)

As the material in USIR will have a bearing on the reputation of the University, all submissions will be subject to the following quality control criteria along with other criteria listed under Section 8 of the full USIR Policy Document:

  • USIR staff will review and assess all submissions before making them available via the IR for:
    • Eligibility of the depositor/author
    • Valid metadata
  • USIR staff aim to review submitted items within one week of deposit. At busy periods and for items with complex queries (e.g. copyright) this time may be extended


(for further information see Section 9 of the full USIR Policy Document)

  • The Institutional Repository Development Officer will retain the right to exclude any item submitted.
  • The Institutional Repository Development Officer will be able to make minor edits, return items for amendments for technical and indexing purposes, determine accessibility based on copyright agreements, and convert files to commonly used formats, etc.


(for further information see Section 10 of the full USIR Policy Document)

  • University of Salford will endeavour to provide continued readability and accessibility of all items deposited in the USIR.
  • Items will normally be retained within USIR indefinitely.