AJ Newman

Associate Head Research

Business School

Salford Business School

Marketing strategy, Consumer psychology, Retail environments, Person environment interface

Professor Newman has established an international reputation for his work in several marketing and management fields, which is evidenced by his publications in prominent journals, international conferences, textbooks and an acknowledgment by international peers in these related fields. This reputation extends to practitioners on both sides of the Atlantic and the media who frequently seek Professor Newman's advice on global matters of consumer behaviour and strategic marketing. He has held a visiting chair at Missouri State University in the United States and has recently commenced a new visiting professorship at Mansoura University in Egypt. Commercially, Professor Newman enjoys corporate access at the highest level to support his project research work and executive education initiatimore...


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Latest Additions

  1. Dennis, C, Newman, AJ, Michon, R, Brakus, JJ and Wright, LT 2010, 'The mediating effects of perception and emotion: Digital signage in mall atmospherics' , Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 17 (3) , pp. 205-215.
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  6. Newman, AJ and Zaleha, S 2011, 'Purchasing patterns of migrant groups: the impact of acculturation on ethnocentric behaviours' , Journal of Applied Social Psychology . (In Press)