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Entrepreneurship, International Entrepreneurship, Young people and Social Networking, Women and Youth Gambling, Leisure History, Business History, 18th Century Trade, 18th Century Radicalism

Carolyn Downs PhD was a ‘Social, Economic and Cultural History of Bingo 1906-2005’ and this acted as a springboard for research into various social aspects of gambling, leisure and entrepreneurship. Carolyn Downs has recently been awarded a large grant under the EU Erasmus scheme. ELIE (Employability: Learning through International Entrepreneurship) which aims to develop and apply the knowledge of immigrant enrteprenuers to assist policy makers in governments, financial institutions and other relevant bodies in their approach to immigrants wishing to start businesses. ELIE also aims to develop an effective learning framework for use in informal settings that will assist people considering establishing their own businesses as immigrants to a new country. She was the PI on the first UK smore...

Lancaster University (2006) (intercalated 2004/2005 for PGCE) PhD Social, Cultural and Economic History of Bingo (1906-2005) ESRC Funded. St. Martin’s College, Lancaster (2005) PGCE QTS Secondary R.E. Lancaster University (2004) Certificate of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Lancaster University (2001) MA Social History. St. Martin’s College (2000) BA Hons. (1st Class) History

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Latest Additions

  1. Downs, C, Molotti, G, Lambros, L, Kalinowski, T.B. and Akola, E 2011, Capturing the lived experience of immigrant entrepreneurs: case studies from the ELIE project , Project Report, University of Salford, Salford. (Unpublished)
  2. Downs, C 2011, 'Playing in a virtual bedroom: youth leisure in the Facebook generation' , in: Children, Youth and Leisure , Leisure Studies, pp. 15-31.
  3. Downs, C 2011, 'Two fat ladies at the seaside: gambling in working class holidays 1920-1970' , in: Recording Leisure Lives: Holidays and Tourism in 20th Century Britain , Leisure Studies, pp. 51-73.
  4. Downs, C and Woolrych, R 2009, Gambling and debt pathfinder study , Project Report, Research Institute for Health and Social Change, Manchester.