UK Hurley

Senior Lecturer, English and Creative Writing


The University of Salford

Creative writing, Digital fabrication, Auto/biography, Creative Nonfiction, Experimental Writing, Creative process, Ficto-biography, Historical fiction

Ursula took a circuitous route to academia, having worked teaching English as a foreign language, in advertising, where she found herself mentoring other copy writers, and then in community engagement, where she helped others to express their needs and opinions. Eventually the penny dropped, and she realised that the power of language was her driving passion. Thus enlightened, she set up and ran the Writing Centre at Liverpool Hope University, winning a number of learning and teaching awards, before joining the Creative Writing team at Salford. Since then she has gained her Ph.D., become a prize-winning poet and prose writer, and continues to work in community engagement via the University's 'Writing Lives' project. She is now re-writing her Ph.D. thesis (which turned out to be three booksmore...

1996 BA (Hons) English (from St John's College, Cambridge). 1999 MA Writing Studies (from Lancaster University). Distinction 2011 PhD Creative Writing (from Manchester Metropolitan University). Comprising a novel and complementary discourses, this thesis blurs the traditional distinctions between critical theory and creative practice, and contributes new insights into the practice, craft, and theory of the contemporary novel.

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Latest Additions

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