MT Yates

Hourly-paid Lecturer

English, Sociology, Politics & Cont Hist

Mark Yates is an hourly-paid lecturer in the School of Humanities, Languages, and Social Sciences at the University of Salford. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature (2009) and a Master’s degree in Literature, Culture, and Modernity (2010) from the University of Salford, Mark completed a joint-doctorate in English Literature (2014) at the University of Salford and Ghent University, working under the supervision of Prof. Sandro Jung and Dr. Carson Bergstrom. Mark’s joint-doctorate explored the materiality of William Blake’s illuminated books, using an interdisciplinary methodological framework to highlight the pedagogical functions of illuminated printing. In particular, the project investigated the print culture contexts of Blake’s works, identifying the relationsmore...

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Latest Additions

  1. Yates, MT 2014, Illuminated instruction: A paratextual, intertextual, and iconotextual study of William Blake , PhD thesis, University of Salford.
  2. Yates, MT 2013, 'Notes on William Blake’s paper makers, c. 1789–1795' , A Quarterly Journal of Short Articles, Notes and Reviews, 26 (3) , pp. 169-179.