N Ferry

Lecturer in Biotechnology

School of Env&LifeScience

University of Salford

Plant Biotechnology, GM Crops, Biofuels, Entomology

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Latest Additions

  1. Joynson, RE, Pritchard, L, Ekenakema, O and Ferry, N 2017, 'Metagenomic analysis of the gut microbiome of the common black slug Arion ater in search of novel lignocellulose degrading enzymes' , Frontiers in Microbiology, 8 .
  2. Joynson, RE, Swamy, AM, Bou, PA, Chapuis, A and Ferry, N 2014, 'Characterization of cellulolytic activity in the gut of the terrestrial land slug Arion ater : Biochemical identification of targets for intensive study' , Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part B : Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 177 , pp. 29-35.
  3. Hogervorst, PAM, Ferry, N, Gatehouse, AMR, Wäckers, FL and Romeis, J 2006, 'Direct effects of snowdrop lectin (GNA) on larvae of three aphid predators and fate of GNA after ingestion' , Journal of insect physiology, 52 (6) , pp. 614-24.
  4. Mulligan, E, Ferry, N, Jouanin, L, Walters, K, Port, G and Gatehouse, A 2006, 'Comparing the impact of conventional pesticide and use of a transgenic pest-resistant crop on the beneficial carabid beetle Pterostichus melanarius' , Pest management science, 62 (10) , pp. 999-1012.
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  8. Konrad, R, Ferry, N, Gatehouse, A and Babendreier, D 2008, 'Potential effects of oilseed rape expressing oryzacystatin-1 (OC-1) and of purified insecticidal proteins on larvae of the solitary bee Osmia bicornis' , PLoS one, 3 (7) , e2664.
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