PS Sermon

Professor of Creative Technology

Art & Design

The Creative Technology & Communications Research Centre, School of Art & Design

Telematic Arts, Interactive Media, Contemporary Fine Art, Creative Technology, Urban Screens, Virtual Environments

Since the early nineteen-nineties Paul Sermon's practice-based research in the field of contemporary media arts has centred on the creative use of telecommunication technologies. Through his unique use of videoconference techniques in artistic telepresence applications he has developed a series of celebrated telematic art installations that have received international acclaim and have been cited on numerous occasions amongst his peers in this field: A leading figure and pioneer of telematic artworks, having worked in the field for nearly 20 years ( Leading pioneer of telematic art and performance ( Artist Paul Sermon, Reader in Creative Technology at the University of Salford, is a pioneer of Telematic Arts (http://www.pixelraidmore...

MFA Master of Fine Art (from The University of Reading). BA Hons Fine Art (from Gwent College of Higher Education)

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Latest Additions

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