P Tzortzopoulos Fazenda

Senior Lecturer in Design

Built Environment

University of Salford

Design Management, Healthcare design, Lean production, Building Information Modelling, Operations Management

Dr. Patricia Tzortzopoulos Fazenda is a Senior Lecturer in Design and holds a PhD from the School of the Built Environment, UoS. She comes from an architectural background and has been developing teaching and research for over eleven years. Her research interests cover design management; new product development; process management; building information modelling (BIM) and operations management. She has worked in a number of research projects examining the design process, and for the past six years focusing on healthcare infrastructure innovation. Patricia is currently the programme leader for the MSc BIM and Integrated Design, and also the acting programme leader for the MSc Low Carbon building design (re-approved as Sustainable Building Design). She is associated with the Salford Centre more...

PhD University of Salford, November 2004

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Latest Additions

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