SM Davismoon

Professor of Contemporary Composition; Director of Music


Composition, Emergent/Algorithmic Composition, Interactive Music, Contemporary Musicology, Music Analysis

Stephen Davismoon was born in London. He completed undergraduate studies in music at the University of Southampton in 1990, specializing in composition with Ric Graebner and performance, Classical Guitar with Antonio Albanes. In 1997 he completed his Doctorate in Composition at the University of Edinburgh, studying with Nigel Osborne. He is currently Professor of Contemporary Composition and Director of Music at the University of Salford, Manchester, England. He has had a professional composition career for more than 20 years, and has written music for a broad range of ensembles and situations – from solo pieces through to works for full orchestra, with and without voices. He has also written a number of live electronic/interactive; electroacoustic and sound-art installation piecmore...

PhD Composition (University of Edinburgh) 1997 BA Music University of Southampton 1990

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Latest Additions

  1. Davismoon, SM 2016, 'Atomisation of sound' , Contemporary Music Review, 35 (2) , pp. 263-274.
  2. Davismoon, SM 2014, God's own caught in no man's land [Composition]. (In Press)
  3. Davismoon, SM 2015, Derives [Composition].
  4. Davismoon, SM 2015, Cobalt waters run... beneath cobalt skies [Composition].
  5. Davismoon, SM 2015, Driven voids [Composition].
  6. Davismoon, SM 2013, Echoes of Friedrich crossing the Irwell [Composition].
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