SL Rasmussen

Lecturer in Chinese and Applied Linguistics


The University of Salford

Interpreting and Translation, Lexicography, China Studies, Semantics and Pragmatics, Applied Linguistics

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Latest Additions

  1. Li-Rasmussen, S 2011, Laziness and lexicography: a contrastive study , in: Click-on-Knowledge, 11-13 May 2011, Copenhagen, Denmark. (Unpublished)
  2. Saihong, Li 2009, 'Semiotics and lexicography' , in: IASS-AIS Communication: Understanding and misunderstanding , Semiotic Society of Finland, International Semiotics Institute, Helsinki, pp. 915-922.
  3. Kernerman, Ilan J. 2009, Dictionnaire Assimil Kernerman: Chinese-French & French-Chinese , Publié par ASSIMIL S.A.S, France.
  4. Rasmussen, S 2008, Third year business Chinese [Teaching Resource].
  5. Rasmussen, S 2009, 'A survey of pragmatic information in bilingual English-Chinese learners’ dictionaries' , in: Perspectives in Lexicography: Asia and beyond , K Dictionaries Ltd, Isreal, pp. 25-38.
  6. Rasmussen, S 2010, To define and inform: An analysis of information provided in dictionaries used by learners of English in China and Denmark , Cambridge Scholars Publishing, United Kingdom. (Submitted)