SM Poor Rezaei

PhD Student at University of Salford


Consumer Behaviour, Social Media, Persuasion, Social Influence, Viral Marketing, WEB 2.0 Marketing

Yazd is an architecturally unique city in Iran where I was born and grew up. I obtained a B.A. with majors in Information technology from Shiraz University of Technology in 2009. The new season of my life started when I came to UK in 2010. I hold an MSc in Managing Global Business from the Sheffield Business School. And now I am an Information System PhD student at the University of Salford. Broadly speaking, my research interests lie in the areas of social network theories and social media marketing. I am particularly interested in online behavior model in order to develop online marketing strategy. I am also interested in Trust in social media and virtual teams and CRM 2.0. My thesis titled "Conceptualisation of Customer Engagement in OBC" My Supervisors are Dr Aleksej Heinze more...

B.SC Information Technology Engineering at Shiraz University of Technology M.SC Managing Global Business at Sheffield Business School

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Latest Additions

  1. Poor Rezaei, SM 2015, A model of customer engagement in online brand community (OBC): The dual intention-formation processes , in: British Academy of Management E-business and E-government Special Interest Group, Bradford University School of Management. (Unpublished)
  2. Poor Rezaei, SM 2015, Online brand community engagement : Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM) perspective , in: Researching Social Media : Methods, Frameworks and Insights, 1 June 2015, Birmingham. (Unpublished)
  3. Poor Rezaei, SM and Heinze, A 2014, SME competitiveness through online brand communities: An exploration of brand loyalty , in: Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE), 5-6 Nov 2014, Manchester, UK.
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  5. Poor Rezaei, SM 2013, Online persuasion process: A critical literature review of prior research , in: iFutures 2013, 25 July 2013, Sheffield, UK.