KA Hartley

Lecturer in People Manager

Salford Business School

Salford Business School

PhD(University of Leeds) MA (University of Leeds) BSc (Hons) (Open University)

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Latest Additions

  1. Kirkpatrick, I, Kuhlmann, E, Hartley, KA, Dent, M and Lega, F 2016, 'Medicine and management in European hospitals : a comparative overview' , BMC Health Services Research, 16 (S2:171) , pp. 7-14.
  2. Hartley, KA 2016, 'Untangling approaches to management and leadership across systems of medical education' , BMC Health Services Research, 16 (S2:180) , pp. 33-43.
  3. Hartley, K 2014, 'Polish and UK doctors' engagement with hospital management' , International Journal of Public Sector Management, 27 (5) , pp. 430-440.