MA Hughes

Lecturer in Physics

School of Computing, Science & Engineering

My initial research focused on doped glasses and crystals,[1-13] these dopants included transition metals, rare-earths and semi metals including bismuth and lead. I made several important discoveries including first vanadium doped glass with optical emission covering the entire telecommunications window [3], and the broadest ever reported emission from a bismuth doped glass [6]. I also have a background in non-linear optics from my work in fabricating waveguides with a femtosecond laser in a high optical nonlinearity material[14] and studying the propagation of telecoms wavelength pulses through these waveguides[15]. I have observed surface plasmon resonances in Ni nanoparticles formed by exposure of a Ni doped glass-ceramic to femtosecond laser radiation[16]. I later investigated the elmore...

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Latest Additions

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