MRA Mohamad

Lecturer of Information Systems

Salford Business School

Salford Business School

Systems Thinking, Socio-technical Systems, Mobile Computing, Big Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, Digital Innovation, Innovation Systems, Base of the Pyramid Markets, Information Society, Cloud Computing, Digital Marketing, Strategic Management, Bayesian Statistics, Action Research, Antrhopology, Development Studies, ICT4D

Mo is a system analyst by profession and an action researcher by blood. He has a wide professional and academic experience in the areas of multi-layer systems development, business modelling, and digital innovation. Before joining Salford Business School, Mo has served as a lecturer at Manchester Business School and Leeds Business School. Formerly, he served 6 years as a supply chain manager in the automotive industry. During his time at SBS, Mo teaches a number of postgraduate and undergraduate courses in the areas of information management and systems development. Above all, he enjoys supervising PhD candidates in the wide discipline of business technology and Information systems.

PhD University of Manchester, MSc (Distinction) University of Liverpool, MA (Distinction) Cairo University, BSc Hons (Distinction) Cairo University

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Latest Additions

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