A McDevitt

Lecturer in Global Ecology and Conservation

School of Environment & Life Sciences

University of Salford

Genomics, Population genetics, Phylogeography, Mammals, Invasive species

I obtained my BSc (Honours) in Zoology in University College Dublin in 2003. I began my PhD in the same university that same year, using genetics to study the origins of Irish mammals. After completing my PhD in 2008, I undertook a short post-doc in Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland focussing on the origins and hybridisation in Irish deer. I then spent two years in the University of Calgary in Canada, working on the phylogeography and landscape genetics of caribou and elk. I then spent 2011 in the Mammal Research Institute in Poland on the phylogeography and landscape genetics of mustelids and voles. I was then awarded a Government of Ireland postdoctoral fellowship to study the range dynamics, ecological consequences and adaptation of an invasive shrew in Ireland. After commore...

PhD in Zoology (2008) BSc (Honours) in Zoology (2003) BSc in Science (2002)

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Latest Additions

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