J Mulkeen

Associate Dean Academic

Business School

The University of Salford

Leisure & Tourism, Risk and Crisis Management, Education

I have worked in Higher Education for over 20 years in a number of lecturing and management roles. My main interests are within programme development and QA. More specifically I have coordinated the Business Schools strategy in relation to international accreditations including CEEMAN, AMBA, and EPAS. In addition I am involved in the development of higher education provision in the FE sector and have successfully managed a number of collaborative developments within this area. My teaching expertise is in the area of service and strategic management at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. My research interests are in the area of services management including banking, retail and more specifically ethical issues involved within the leisure sector of the economy. I have acted as amore...

PhD, MPhil, PGCE, BSc

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Latest Additions

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