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  1. (PHO/BWC/1/1/11) Bridgewater Canal at Worsley, c.1930-1939.
  2. (PHO/BWC/1/1/10) Coal barges near Stretford Gas Works, 1921.
  3. (PHO/BWC/1/1/11) Bridgewater Canal at Worsley, c1930 - 1939.
  4. (PHO/BWC/1/1/45) Coal barges and steam tug, c1930-1939.
  5. (PHO/BWC/1/1/47) Ice breaking, c1910-1919.
  6. (PHO/BWC/1/1/51) Frozen Bridgewater canal at Norton, c1910-1919.
  7. (PHO/BWC/1/1/53) Bridgewater canal below Lymm Bridge, c1910-1919.
  8. (PHO/BWC/1/1/54) Princes Bridge over the river Irwell, Manchester, c1930 - 1939.
  9. (PHO/BWC/1/1/58) Canal barge construction, Runcorn Dock Yard, c1930-1939.
  10. (PHO/BWC/1/1/95) Collapsed wall in Manchester and Salford Junction canal, 1935.

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