DF Percy

Professor of Mathematics

Business School

University of Salford

Mathematics, Statistics, Operational Research

I am a Professor of Mathematics in Salford Business School and my research interests are mathematical modelling and statistical analysis in business. Original developments include contributions to multivariate analysis, stochastic processes and Bayesian inference, along with an optimal dartboard, new randomness tests, generic handicapping systems and hybrid intensity models. Impact includes improvements to arterial disease diagnosis, dengue disease mapping, trauma hospital performance, national lottery regulation, Paralympic sports analysis, tournament scoring formats, preventive maintenance scheduling and vehicle inspection centres. I have organised visits and conferences, presented seminars and lectures, published 75 refereed articles, received 27 grants, supervised 2 postdoctoral remore...

Bachelor of Science (first class) in Mathematical Studies (Loughborough), Diploma in Industrial Studies (Loughborough), Doctor in Philosophy (Liverpool), Chartered Mathematician, Chartered Scientist, Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, Member of the London Mathematical Society

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Latest Additions

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