RD Baker

Professor of Statistics

Business School

University of Salford

Applied Statistics, Computer programming, Jams and Jellies :)

1972-1973: Lecturer in Physics, Indian Institute of Technology, Powai, Bombay 1973-1977: Research Associate, Rutherford High Energy Laboratory, Chilton, Didcot,Berks 1977-1980: Computing Officer, Computing Services or ILS (as it now is), University of Salford 1981-1990: Senior Computing Officer, AIS, University of Salford 1990-1997: Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, University of Salford 1998-2001: Reader in Statistics, University of Salford 2001- Personal chair in Statistics

M.A. (double first, Cantab) in Theoretical Physics (1968) Ph. D. (Cantab) in High Energy Physics (1972) C. Stat. (Chartered Statistician) (1990) C. Math (Chartered Mathematician) (1990), FIMA (Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications)(1990) Member of the International Statistical Institute (ISI) (1999)

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Latest Additions

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