J Wray

Senior Lecturer; Lead for User&Carers , Florence Nightingale Scholar

School of Nursing & Midwifery

User and Carers , Public Engagement , Patient experience, Postnatal Care, Motherhood, Supporting Families and Carers

After leaving clinical practice in 1995, I was the first non-medic appointed as research fellow at the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists (RCOG). In 1998 I joined the University of Salford as a research fellow working on a large project with local NHS Trusts and in 2000 co-developed the Royal College of Midwives first guideline on postnatal care. In 2009 I was awarded the Iolanthe Research Fellowship by Baroness Cumberlege to complete my PhD. In 2013 appointed expert to NICE National standard for postnatal care. I am lead academic for Service Users & Carers (#UoSuserscarers);lead supporting families and carers module and was awarded Florence Nightingale scholarship in 2014/15. I supervise PhD's (3 competions) and undertake funded research.


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Latest Additions

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