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Professor Martin J. Bull
Professor of Politics (Salford) & Academic Director (European Consortium of Political Research)
University of Salford

Italian Politics, Southern European Politics, Comparative Politics, Europeanization, Political Corruption, Political Parties, Institutional Reform

Martin Bull is Professor of Politics at the University of Salford and Academic Director of the European Consortium of Political Research. At Salford he is currently Deputy Chair of Senate, Chair of Senate's Academic Audit and Governance Committee, Member of the University Council and the Council's Nomtinations & Governance Committee. He is former Founding Head of the School of English, Sociology, Politics & Contemporary History and former Head of the Department of Politics & Contemporary History. He was educated at the University of Nottingham, Nuffield College, Oxford and the European University Institute, Florence (where he obtained his doctorate in 1987). Prior to his appointment at Salford he held temporary lecturing positions in politics at the University of Hull, St. Anne's College and Balliol College, Oxford.he was He has held visiting fellowships at the European University Institute, Florence and the Collegio Carlo Alberto, University of Turin, and visiting lectureships at the London School of Economics, the University of Notthingham, Wayne State University, Detroit and the University of Clermont-Ferrand II. He was a Leverhulme Fellow at the European University Institute in Florence in 2003-04. He is Senior Editor of European Political Science, Founding Editor-in-Chief of Social Sciences and Associate Editor of Parliamentary Affairs. He is on the Editorial Boards of Modern Italy (of which he is former Editor), West European Politics, South European Politics & Society and the Journal of Contemporary European Studies. He is an Italian and comparative politics specialist, with interest in political corruption, institutional reform, Europeanization and political parties.

B.A. (Hons), 1st Class, Politics, University of Nottingham, (1979) M.A. (Status), University of Oxford (1987) PhD, Politics, European University Institute, Florence (1979)


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