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Dr Philip Scarf
Professor of Applied Statistics
Business School

Reliability and Maintenance Modelling, Statistics in Sport, Extremes and Corrosion Engineering, Capital Replacement Modelling, Warranty Modelling

Editor, IMA Journal of Management Mathematics

BSc (Sheffield) PhD (Manchester)


Latest Additions

  1. To lead or not to lead: Analysis of the sprint in track cycling
  2. Imperfect inspection and replacement of a system with a defective state: A cost and reliability analysis
  3. Modelling warranty extensions: A case study in the automotive industry
  4. Modelling imperfect inspection over a finite horizon
  5. On the development of a soccer player performance rating system for the English premier league
  6. Forecasting test cricket match outcomes in play
  7. Maintenance scheduling of a protection system subject to imperfect inspection and replacement
  8. Generalised estimators for seasonal forecasting by combining grouping and shrinkage approaches
  9. Modelling quality in replacement and inspection maintenance
  10. On the development of decision rules for bar quiz handicapping

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