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Dr W. J. Davies
Senior Lecturer
School of ComScience&Eng
University of Salford

Soundscapes, Room Acoustics, Environmental Noise


Latest Additions

  1. Investigation into the impact of 3D surround systems on spatial audio quality
  2. Localisation of elevated virtual sources in higher order ambisonic sound fields
  3. A listener-centred approach to soundscape evaluation
  4. Research into the practical and policy applications of soundscape concepts and techniques in urban areas
  5. Predicting theater chair absorption from reverberation chamber measurements - comment
  6. Monitoring domestic noise with inexpensive equipment
  7. Difference Limen for level of music
  8. Influence of diffuse reflections on the playing of musicians
  9. From concert halls to noise barriers: Attenuation from interference gratings
  10. Towards room acoustics for an elderly population

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3Soundscapes: an urban planning process map1457
4The positive soundscape project: a synthesis of results from many disciplines1440
5Expectation as a factor in the perception of soundscapes1021
6Development of a soundscape simulator tool966
7A positive soundscape evaluation system937
8Physiological responses and subjective estimates of sounds: initial results of pilot study834
9Speech communication in outdoor soundscapes772
10Hearing loss in the built environment: The experience of elderly people741