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ID Cummins
Senior Lecturer in Social Work
School of Soc Work, Psychology, Pub H

Mental health and the Criminal Justice System, Policing, Suicide, Self-harm, Violence

I have worked as a probation officer and later as an Approved Social Worker. My research interests lie in the experiences of people with mental health problems across the CJS but with a focus on police contacts In the area of social theory, my approach is influenced by the work of Wacquant and Bauman. I am concerned with the impact of mass incarceration and the way that these developments have influenced the wider political process. In this area, I have been strongly influenced by the work of Simon - particularly Governing through Crime.In addition, I am interested in the depiction of violence and the construction of masculinity in modern fiction- particularly the work of the British novelists David Peace and Gordon Burn.

2006:M.A (Hons) Oriental Studies /Social and Political Sciences (Cambridge University). 2004:Post-graduate Certificate Education (UCLAN). 2002:M.A (Econ) Philosophy and Society (Manchester University).Thesis: Will the reform of the Mental Health Act be just? 1996: Mental Health Social Work (Professional Award) (CCETSW).This allowed me to practice as an approved social worker 1986:Post-graduate C.Q.S.W (Liverpool University). 1986:Post-graduate Diploma Applied Social Studies (Liverpool University). 1984:Post-graduate Diploma Social Administration (Victoria University of Manchester). 1983:B.A. (Hons) Oriental Studies and Social and Political Sciences (Cambridge University)


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