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Prof David J Roberts
Head of Centre for Virtual Environments and Future Media
School of ComScience&Eng
University of Salford

Telepresence, Virtual Reality, Video conferencing

PhD in Cybernetics BSc in Computer Science


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1An exploration of non-tessellated 3D space carving for real-time 3D reconstruction of a person through a simulated process532
2Synchronization of images from multiple cameras to reconstruct a moving human514
3Projective multi-texturing for integrated real-time 3D reconstruction and rendering of a person495
4Communicating eye-gaze across a distance: Comparing an eye-gaze enabled immersive collaborative virtual environment, aligned video conferencing, and being together334
5Full immersive virtual environment CAVETM in chemistry education332
6Bounding inconsistency using a novel threshold metric for dead reckoning update packet generation323
7Eye gaze in virtual environments: evaluating the need and initial work on implementation320
8A GPU based, projective multi-texturing approach to reconstructing the 3D human form for application in tele-presence311
9Tracking for avatar eye-gaze control during object-focused multiparty interaction in immersive collaborative virtual environments292
10Communicating eye gaze across a distance without rooting participants to the spot290