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Prof Farid Meziane
School of ComScience&Eng
University of Salford

Knowledge Engineering, Data intensive computing, software engineering


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  1. Developing a framework for the implementation of e-commerce in Saudi Arabia
  2. A generic QoS model for web: Services design
  3. An architecture to support web‐based information extraction using domain ontologies
  4. Evaluating e-commerce trust using fuzzy logic [article]
  5. A system to support the identification and extraction of information related to privacy policies in electronic commerce websites
  6. A Rule Based Persons Names Arabic Extraction System
  7. AI in software engineering: Current developments and future prospects
  8. The usage of third party seals in e-commerce websites: Current implementation
  9. Towards a framework for developing educational software
  10. DEAR-ONTO: a derivational Arabic ontology based on verbs

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4Generating natural language specifications from UML class diagrams1165
5A fuzzy trust model for e-commerce1161
6Evaluating e-commerce trust using fuzzy logic [article]1159
7Intelligent systems in manufacturing: current developments and future prospects1141
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