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Professor Paul Rowlett
Head of School of Humanities, Languages & Social Sciences
University of Salford

French language, Linguistics

BA, MA, DPhil


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  1. Un cas de co-variation syntaxique? Chute du ‘ne’ et usage des impératifs du genre ‘Parle-moi pas!’
  2. French imperatives, negative ne, and non-subject clitics
  3. French studies: Language and linguistics (2012)
  4. Review of Lene Schøsler (ed.) (2000) Le Passif. (Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum Press.)
  5. Le débat sur la diglossie en France: Aspects scientifiques et politiques
  6. French studies: Language and linguistics (2011)
  7. Negation in Mehri, stages of Jespersen’s cycle
  8. Do French speakers really have two grammars?
  9. Syntactic variation and diglossia in French
  10. French studies: language and linguistics (2010)

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3Cinque's functional verbs in French1910
4Linguistics within the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise1840
5French studies: language and linguistics (2009)1570
6On the D-structure position of negative sentence adverbials in French1498
7The early absence of the French negative marker ne1426
8Syntactic variation in French: diglossia and language change1315
9Do French speakers really have two grammars?1290
10Pas de deux: further thoughts on the syntax of sentential negation in French1207