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Prof D. Keith Ross
Prof of Physics
School of ComScience&Eng
University of Salford

Materials Physics, Neutron Scattering, Hydrogen Storage

DSc (Birmingham) PhD (Birmingham) MSc (Birmingham) MA (Cambridge)


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1Hydrogen storage: the major technological barrier to the development of hydrogen fuel cell cars742
2The use of small angle neutron scattering with contrast matching and variable adsorbate partial pressures in the study of porosity in activated carbons737
3The dependence of the hydrogen sorption capacity of single-walled carbon nanotubes on the concentration of catalyst576
4Neutron scattering studies for analysing solid state hydrogen storage566
5Pressure-dependent deuterium reaction pathways in the Li-N-D system 538
6Effect of H on the crystalline and magnetic structures of the YCo3-H(D) system. I. YCo3 from neutron powder diffraction and first-principles calculations533
7The pressureā€“temperature phase diagram of MgH2 and isotopic substitution 520
8In-situ powder neutron diffraction study of non-stoichiometric phase formation during the hydrogenation of Li3N469
9A physico-chemical model of the water vapour sorption isotherm of hardened cementitious materials446
10An in situ neutron diffraction measurement of the pressure-temperature evolution of a MgD2:TiD2 mixture423