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Prof Stanko Tomic
Chair in Photonics
School of ComScience&Eng

Latest Additions

  1. Analytical description of stripping foil extraction from isochronous cyclotrons
  2. Optimization of intersubband resonant second-order susceptibility in asymmetric graded AlxGa1-xAs quantum wells using supersymmetric quantum mechanics
  3. Optimization of gain in intersubband quantum well lasers by supersymmetry
  4. Electronic structure of InyGa1-yAs1-xNx/GaAs multiple quantum wells in the dilute-N regime from pressure and k⋅p studies
  5. Influence of conduction-band nonparabolicity on electron confinement and effective mass in GaNxAs1−x∕GaAs quantum wells
  6. Influence of confinement energy and band anticrossing effect on the electron effective mass in Ga1−yInyNxAs1−x quantum wells
  7. Electronic structure of InyGa1−yAs1−xNx∕GaAs(N) quantum dots by ten-band k∙p theory
  8. Structure, morphology, and optical properties of GaxIn1−xN0.05As0.95 quantum wells:Influence of the growth mechanism
  9. Excitonic and biexcitonic properties of single GaN quantum dots modeled by 8-band k⋅p theory and configuration-interaction method
  10. Geometric structure of TiO 2(110)(1×1): Confirming experimental conclusions