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Park, SK, Kanjolia, R, Anthis, J, Odedra, R, Boag, NM, Wielunski, L and Chabal, YJ 2010, 'Atomic layer deposition of Ru/RuO2Thin films studied by in situ infrared spectroscopy' , Chemistry of Materials, 22 (17) , pp. 4867-4878.

Rühl, E, Riehs, NF, Behera, S, Wilks, J, Liu, J, Jochims, HW, Caruso, AN, Boag, NM, Kelber, J A and Dowben, P A 2010, 'Photofragmentation of thecloso-Carboranes Part II: VUV Assisted Dehydrogenation in thecloso-Carboranes and Semiconducting B10C2HxFilms' , The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 114 (27) , pp. 7284-7291.

Boag, NM and Rao, KM 2009, 'Activation of metal-bound η5-C5Me5 groups to Diels–Alder addition of 3O2 and other dienophiles' , Chemical Communications (12) , p. 1499.

Boag, NM and Clapham, S 2005, 'trans-Bis(tert-butylamine)dichloropalladium(II)' , Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online, 61 (10) , M2172-M2173.

Lunca-Popa, P, Brand, JI, Balaz, S, Rosa, LG, Boag, NM, Bai, M, Robertson, BW and Dowben, PA 2005, 'Evidence for multiple polytypes of semiconducting boron carbide (C2B10) from electronic structure' , Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 38 (8) , pp. 1248-1252. Item not available from this repository.

Sherburn, A, Platt, M, Arrigan, DWM, Boag, NM and Dryfe, RAW 2003, 'Selective silver ion transfer voltammetry at the polarised liquid vertical bar liquid interface' , The Analyst, 128 (9) , pp. 1187-1192. Item not available from this repository.

Pugmire, DL, Woodbridge, CM, Boag, NM and Langell, MA 2001, 'Adsorption and decomposition of nickelocene on Ag(100): a high-resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy and temperature programmed desorption study' , Surface Science, 472 (3) , pp. 155-171. Item not available from this repository.

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