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Ab Wahab, MN, Nefti-Meziani, S and Atyabi, A 2015, 'A comprehensive review on swarm optimization algorithms' , PLOS One, 10 (5) . (In Press)

Adi, MNH and Roberts, DJ 2014, 'Using virtual environments to test the effects of life like architecture on people' , in: Technologies of Inclusive Well-Being: Serious Games, Alternative Realities, and Play Therapy , Studies in Computational Intelligence, 536 20 (536) , Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 261-285.

Ariff, OK 2015, Key parameters of air breathing two-stroke combustion engines for integration into small scale UAVs , in: 53rd American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Aerospace Sciences Conference, 5-9 January 2015, Kissimmee, Florida.

Atyabi, A and Nefti-Meziani, S 'Applications of computational intelligence to robotics and autonomous systems' , in: Handbook on Computational Intelligence , World Scientific. (In Press)

Chadwick, EA and Kapoulas, A 2014, 'Using eulerlets to give a boundary integral formulation in euler flow and discussion on applications' , Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, 102 (4) , pp. 331-343. Item not available from this repository.

Davis, ST and Caldwell, DG 2012, 'Biologically inspired damage tolerance in braided pneumatic muscle actuators' , Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, 23 (3) , pp. 309-321. Item not available from this repository.

Davis, ST, Gray, J and Caldwell, DG 2010, 'Automation for value added prepared vegetables – the Brussels sprout' , Trends in Food Science & Technology, 21 (3) , pp. 138-144. Item not available from this repository.

Davis, ST, Gray, JO and Caldwell, DG 2008, 'An end effector based on the Bernoulli principle for handling sliced fruit and vegetables' , Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 24 (2) , pp. 249-257. Item not available from this repository.

Emmanouil, E, Wei, G and Dai, J 2015, 'Spherical trigonometry-based kinematics for controlling a dexterous robotic hand with an articulated palm' , Robotica . (In Press) Item not available from this repository.

Nefti-Meziani, S, manzoor, U and Davis, ST 2014, 'Ontology enhancing process for a situated and curiosity-driven robot' , Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 62 (12) , pp. 1837-1847.

Pettersson, A, Davis, ST, Gray, JO and Ohlsson, T 2010, 'Design of a magnetorheological robot gripper for handling of delicate food products with varying shapes' , Journal of Food Engineering, 98 (3) , pp. 332-338. Item not available from this repository.

Pettersson, A, Ohlsson, T, Davis, ST, Gray, JO and Dodd, TJ 2011, 'A hygienically designed force gripper for flexible handling of variable and easily damaged natural food products' , Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies, 12 (3) , pp. 344-351. Item not available from this repository.

Pettersson, A, Ohlsson, T, Caldwell, DG, Davis, ST, Gray, JO and Dodd, T 2010, 'A Bernoulli principle gripper for handling of planar and 3D (food) products' , Industrial Robot, 37 (6) , pp. 518-526. Item not available from this repository.

Roberts, DJ, Ohare, J, Fairchild, AJ, Campion, SP, Moore, C, Aspin, R, Duckworth, TW, Gasparello, P and Tecchia, F 2015, 'With you – an experimental end-to-end telepresence system using video-based reconstruction' , Selected Topics in Signal Processing, 9 (3) , pp. 562-574. (In Press)

Tavakoli, HR, Atyabi, A, Rantanen, A, Laukka, SJ, Nefti-Meziani, S and Heikki, J 2015, 'Predicting the valence of a scene from observers’ eye movements' , PLoS ONE, 10 (9) , e0138198.

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