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Jones, PA, Herrington, LC and Graham-Smith, P 2016, 'Technique determinants of knee joint loads during pivoting in female soccer players' , Clinical Biomechanics, 31 (1) , pp. 107-122.
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Mackenzie, TA, Herrington, LC, Horsley, I and cools, A 2015, 'An evidence-based review of current perceptions with regard to the subacromial space in shoulder impingement syndromes : is it important and what influences it?' , Clinical Biomechanics, 30 (7) , pp. 641-648. Item not available from this repository.

Buldt, AK, Levinger, P, Murley, GS, Menz, HB, Nester, CJ and Landorf, KB 2015, 'Foot posture and function have only minor effects on knee function during barefoot walking in healthy individuals' , Clinical Biomechanics, 30 (5) , pp. 431-437.

Major, MJ, Twiste, M, Kenney, LPJ and Howard, D 2014, 'The effects of prosthetic ankle stiffness on ankle and knee kinematics, prosthetic limb loading, and net metabolic cost of trans-tibial amputee gait' , Clinical Biomechanics, 29 (1) , pp. 98-104.

Alshawabka, AZR, Liu, A, Tyson, SF and Jones, RK 2014, 'The use of a lateral wedge insole to reduce knee loading when ascending and descending stairs in medial knee osteoarthritis patients' , Clinical Biomechanics, 5 (11) .

Chapman, JD, Preece, SJ, Braunstein, B, Höhne, A, Nester, CJ, Brueggemann, G and Hutchins, SW 2013, 'Effect of rocker shoe design features on forefoot plantar pressures in people with and without diabetes' , Clinical Biomechanics, 28 (6) , pp. 679-685. (In Press)

Burgess, K, Pearson, S and Onambélé, G 2009, 'Menstrual cycle variations in oestradiol and progesterone have no impact on in vivo medial gastrocnemius tendon mechanical properties' , Clinical Biomechanics, 24 (6) , pp. 504-509.

Richardson, JK, Thies, SB and Ashton-Miller, JA 2008, 'An exploration of step time variability on smooth and irregular surfaces in older persons with neuropathy' , Clinical Biomechanics, 23 (3) , pp. 349-356. Item not available from this repository.

Pearson, S, Burgess, KE and Onambele, G 2007, 'Creep and the in vivo assessment of human patellar tendon mechanical properties' , Clinical Biomechanics, 22 (6) , pp. 712-717.

Nguyen, T and Baker, RJ 2004, 'Two methods of calculating thorax kinematics in children with myelomeningocele' , Clinical Biomechanics, 19 (10) , pp. 1060-1065.

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