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Marshall, ARL, Stokes, J, Viscomi, FN, Proctor, JE, Gierschner, J, Bouillard, J-SG and Adawi, AM 2017, 'Determining molecular orientation via single molecule SERS in a plasmonic nano-gap' , Nanoscale, 9 (44) , pp. 17415-17421.

Marco A, C., P, Krpetic, Z ORCID: 0000-0003-1129-6831, Tiziano, S, Qi, C, Marco, M, João M., de A, Claudia, C, Luca, B, Valentina, C, Paolo, M and Kenneth A., D 2017, 'Detecting the shape of anisotropic gold nanoparticles in dispersion with single particle extinction and scattering' , Nanoscale, 8 .

Deng, X, Yang, D, Tan, G, Li, X, Zhang, J, Liu, Q, Zhang, H, Mellors, NJ, Xue, D and Peng, Y 2014, 'Bimagnetic h-Co/h-CoO nanotetrapods: preparation, nanoscale characterization, three-dimensional architecture and their magnetic properties' , Nanoscale, 6 (22) , pp. 13710-13718.

Fu, J, Zhang, J, Peng, Y, Zhao, C, He, Y, Zhang, Z, Pan, X, Mellors, NJ and Xie, E 2013, 'Wire-in-tube structure fabricated by single capillary electrospinning via nanoscale Kirkendall effect: the case of nickel–zinc ferrite' , Nanoscale, 5 (24) , p. 12551.

Fu, J, Zhang, J, Peng, P, Zhao, J, Tan, G, Mellors, NJ, Xie, E and Han, W 2012, 'Unique magnetic properties and magnetization reversal process of CoFe2O4 nanotubes fabricated by electrospinning' , Nanoscale, 4 , pp. 3932-3936.

Zhang, J, Fu, J, Tan, G, Li, F, Luo, C, Zhao, J, Xie, E, Xue, D, Zhang, H, Mellors, NJ and Peng, Y 2012, 'Nanoscale characterization and magnetic reversal mechanism investigation of electrospun NiFe2O4 multi-particle-chain nanofibres' , Nanoscale, 4 (8) , p. 2754. Item not available from this repository.

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