British anti-communist propaganda and cooperation with the United States, 1945-1951

Defty, A 2002, British anti-communist propaganda and cooperation with the United States, 1945-1951 , PhD thesis, Salford : University of Salford.

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British anti-communist propaganda and cooperation with the United States, 1945-1951. This thesis will argue that from early in the Cold War Britain developed a propaganda apparatus designed to fight the Cold War on an ideological front, and that in the period from 1945 to 1951 the role of propaganda grew from being an adjunct to foreign policy to become an integral part of British Cold War strategy. Britain was the first country to formulate a coordinated response to communist propaganda. In January 1948, the Government launched a new propaganda policy designed to "oppose the inroads of Communism, by taking the offensive against it.' The development of this anti-communist propaganda policy will be the main focus of this thesis. It will also be shown that from the earliest stages in the development of Britain's response to communist propaganda, the degree to which such activities could be coordinated with United States Government was a primary consideration. It will be shown that cooperation and eventually coordination of propaganda activities with the United States Government became a defining feature of Britain's anti- communist propaganda policy. This was particularly the case following the launch of the American "Campaign of Truth 1 in 1950. Faced with a formidable and highly organised communist propaganda machine officials in both Britain and America came to realise the value of a unified response. As both nations developed their own policies for offensive anti-communist propaganda, cooperation became an increasingly important element, as Britain and America sought to "shoot at the same target from different angles. 1 The thesis is comprised of an introduction and conclusion and four chapters covering: the origins of British and American anti- communist propaganda policies, 1945-1947; launching Britain 1 s new propaganda policy, 1948; building a concerted counter-offensive, cooperation with other powers, 1948-1950; "Close and continuous liaison. 1 British and American cooperation, 1950-1951.

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