Stokes polarimetric imaging and applications to novel materials

Gou, J 2021, Stokes polarimetric imaging and applications to novel materials , PhD thesis, University of Salford.

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In this thesis, a dual photo elastic modulator-based Stokes polarimetric method for polarization measurement is described, which forms the basis of the operation of a prototype polarimetric microscope. The operational characteristics of the microscope have been characterized in this study and optimized. The polarimetric imaging technique has been applied to the study of four material systems, namely, micropipe defects in SiC, a pinhole, liquid crystal droplets, and nanograter structures. The thesis includes ten chapters, which provide the description of polarization, literature review of the research, the methodology of the Stokes polarimetry and its calibration, computer automation of the measurements and the characterization and the optimization of the performance of the Stokes polarimetric microscope, a detailed study of the polarimetric images of micropipes and their strain fields in SiC wafers, a pinhole in a metallic film, and the polarization characteristics of liquid crystal droplets, the polarization characteristics of plasmonic nanograter structures on gold film. This polarization state is sensitive to the structure of a material. Under the assumption of a plane wave, the local electrical field is obtained. This microscope realizes mapping the full polarization states in area widefield setting with high sensitivity and good spatial resolution under a single optical setup. A set of experimental parameters, such as the ambient temperature, light source construction, and polarization angle setting, have been optimized; as well as, the optical alignments, data analysis method, and image acquisition program implemented to provide an efficient operation of the microscope. The mapping of the polarization parameter provides a new way to research the characteristics of material; It also provides vector data for understanding the behavior of the interaction between light and materials. The work demonstrates that the Stokes polarimetric imaging method is useful and may have potential applications in a wide range of research fields.

Item Type: Thesis (PhD)
Contributors: Shen, T (Supervisor)
Schools: Schools > School of Computing, Science and Engineering
Funders: China Scholarship Council, University of Salford
Depositing User: Jie Gou
Date Deposited: 05 Feb 2021 11:40
Last Modified: 29 Jan 2023 02:30

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