Radiative bioconvection nanofluid squeezing flow between rotating circular plates : semi-numerical study with the DTM-Padé approach

Zeeshan, A, Arain, MB, Bhatti, MM, Alzahrani, F and Beg, OA ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5925-6711 2022, 'Radiative bioconvection nanofluid squeezing flow between rotating circular plates : semi-numerical study with the DTM-Padé approach' , Modern Physics Letters B, 36 (03) , p. 2150552.

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Access Information: Electronic version of an article published as Modern Physics Letters B, online ready, https://doi.org/10.1142/S0217984921505527 © copyright World Scientific Publishing Company, https://www.worldscientific.com/worldscinet/mplb


Modern biomedical and tribological systems are increasingly deploying combinations of nanofluids and bioconvecting micro-organisms which enable improved control of thermal management. Motivated by these developments, in this study a new mathematical model is developed for the combined nanofluid bioconvection axisymmetric squeezing flow between rotating circular plates (an important configuration in, for example, rotating bioreactors and lubrication systems). The Buongiorno twocomponent nanoscale model is deployed, and swimming gyrotactic microorganisms are considered which do not interact with the nanoparticles. Thermal radiation is also included, and a Rosseland diffusion flux approximation utilized. Appropriate similarity transformations are implemented to transform the nonlinear, coupled partial differential conservation equations for mass, momentum, energy, nanoparticle species and motile micro-organism species under suitable boundary conditions from a cylindrical coordinate system, into a dimensionless nonlinear ordinary differential boundary value problem. An efficient scheme known as Differential Transform Method (DTM) combined with Padé-approximations is then applied to solve the emerging nonlinear similarity equations. The impact of different nondimensional parameters i.e. squeezing Reynolds number, rotational Reynolds number, Prandtl number, thermophoresis parameter, Brownian dynamics parameter, thermal radiation parameter, Schmidt number, bioconvection number and Péclet number on velocity, temperature, nanoparticle concentration and motile gyrotactic microorganism density number distributions are computed and visualized graphically. The torque effects on both plates, i.e., the lower and the upper plate, are also determined. From the graphical results it is seen that momentum in the squeezing regime is suppressed clearly as the upper disk approaches the lower disk. This inhibits the axial flow and produces axial flow retardation. Similarly, by enhancing the value of squeezing Reynolds number, the tangential velocity distribution also decreases. More rigorous squeezing clearly therefore also inhibits tangential momentum development in the regime and leads to tangential flow deceleration. Tables are also provided for multiple values of flow parameters. The numerical values obtained by DTM-Padé computation show very good agreement with Shooting quadrature. DTM-Padé is shown to be a precise and stable semi-numerical methodology for studying rotating multi-physical flow problems. Radiative heat transfer has an important influence on the transport characteristics. When radiation is neglected different results are obtained. It is important therefore to include radiative flux in models of rotating bioreactors and squeezing lubrication dual disk damper technologies since high temperatures associated with radiative flux can impact significantly on combined nanofluid bioconvection which enables more accurate prediction of actual thermofluidic characteristics. Corrosion and surface degradation effects may therefore be mitigated in designs.

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Journal or Publication Title: Modern Physics Letters B
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