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Thomas, AM ORCID:, Ibrahim, AA, Abraham, A, Halilu, AG ORCID:, Adeosun, A ORCID:, Court, A, Woodman, A, Foster, A, Prasetyo, AP ORCID:, Stein, AM, Borun, A, Clark, A, Purcell, A, Sana, A, Moezoddin, A, Sabir, AT, Waweru, B, Namukwaya, C, White, CE ORCID:, Bijimi, CK, Chinigo, C ORCID:, Gilbert, DJ ORCID:, Kassaman, D, Edem, DE ORCID:, Tabone, E, Ogbugo, EJ, Ojiji, EE, Plahe, G, Bury, H ORCID:, Perry, H, Chambers, HR ORCID:, Broadhurst, H, Bakoji, IY, Ali, I, Nduka, IO ORCID:, Mandal, J ORCID:, Pardoe, J, Ediae, JO, Essuman, J, Johnson, J, Olomu, KG, Shukla, KH ORCID:, Denham-Jones, L, Sykes, L ORCID:, Smusz, M, Mulerwa, M, Ford, M, Sampson, M, Greenwood, M, Osmanu, MA, Lidbetter, N, Ebiega-Oselebe, O, Amusan, OP, Yu, P-Y, Rafati, P, Langford, R, Abubakar, R, Adesina, RA ORCID:, Macarthy, R ORCID:, Ahmed, S, Albenjasim, S, Alqassimi, S, Begum, S, Merlusca, S, Kelly, SA ORCID:, Chinta, S, Papathanasiou, S ORCID:, Ajisope, TA, Hall, T, Taylor, T, Aarons, T, Aliyu, U ORCID:, Makarfi, UU ORCID:, Ardo, AA and Whitehead, HC ORCID: 2021, SPARC 2021 - Against all odds : Salford postgraduate annual research conference book of abstracts , Salford Postgraduate Annual Research Conference, 2021 , University of Salford, Salford, United Kingdom.

Ardo, A, Bass, J ORCID:, Gaber, T ORCID:, Abdullahi, A ORCID:, Dargahi, T ORCID:, Babaie, M ORCID:, Bennett, A ORCID:, Searle, D ORCID:, Mbabu, A, Underwood, J ORCID:, Munir, M ORCID:, Woodman, A, Coffey, M ORCID:, Cooper-Ryan, A ORCID:, Foster, A, Greensmith, D ORCID:, Stein, A, Dubrow-Marshall, R ORCID:, Gumel, A, Malevicius, R ORCID:, Rana, M ORCID:, Baatz, A, Young, R ORCID:, Bidgood, A ORCID:, Davison, A, McDevitt, A ORCID:, Rahimi Toudeshki, A, Parker, D ORCID:, Price, C ORCID:, Bird, S, Sabir, A, Withers, S ORCID:, Latimer, J ORCID:, Hamdan, A, Elkadi, H ORCID:, Warburton, B ORCID:, Kosmidou, S ORCID:, Hiriart, J ORCID:, Martin, C, Babaie, M ORCID:, Nourian, A ORCID:, Nasr, G ORCID:, Chinigo, C ORCID:, Lisanti, M ORCID:, Sotgia, F ORCID:, Hargreaves, C ORCID:, Newbery, S ORCID:, Hall, B ORCID:, Poolay Mootien, C, Coffey, M ORCID:, Latimer, J, Beevers, D ORCID:, Thompson, C ORCID:, Lomas, M, Harris, D, Sharples, N, Gilbert, D ORCID:, Cook, P ORCID:, Allely, C ORCID:, Mukherjee, R, Ajibade, D, Chen, Y ORCID:, Watson, N, Maguire, D, Thompson, J ORCID:, Vadera, S ORCID:, Smith, E, Coscia, I ORCID:, McDevitt, A ORCID:, Cooper, E, Bown, K ORCID:, Blezard, E, Clarke, A, Ahmed, A, Alkashti, F, Sharifi, S ORCID:, Mtonga, V, Plahe, G, James, C ORCID:, Goodhead, I ORCID:, Elgamodi, H, Krpetic, Z ORCID:, Broadhurst, H, Kolawole, H, Ferry, N, Clarke, A, Bakoji, I, Nourian, A ORCID:, Nduka, I ORCID:, Arrigo, R ORCID:, Namvar, S ORCID:, Homer, J, Mandal, J ORCID:, Wood, M ORCID:, Hutchinson, S ORCID:, Mondal, D, Jackman, J, Sarwar, J, Howard, D ORCID:, Kenney, L, Yuen, J ORCID:, Roddy, J ORCID:, Widdowson, M ORCID:, Maloney yorganci, K ORCID:, Coen, S ORCID:, McMurty, L, Barnes, K, Magennis, C ORCID:, Lineshah, L, Clarry, L, Long, T, Wood, A, Chrimes, L, Byrne, A ORCID:, Mtonga, V, Stout, L, Stephens, M ORCID:, Hashmi, F ORCID:, Barton, L, Elliott, A ORCID:, Smith, J, Irwin, L, Loi, M, O'Donnell, M, Sales, N, Gray, A, Kimamo, M ORCID:, Fenton, A ORCID:, Yousif, M, Alani, O ORCID:, Gaber, T, Hassunu Saleh, M, Takruri, H ORCID:, Linge, N ORCID:, Usman, N ORCID:, Griffiths, M ORCID:, Alam, M ORCID:, Xu, O, Willis, A ORCID:, Blaker, L, Gonen, P ORCID:, Syme, R, Rafati, P, Abubakar, R, Ji, Y ORCID:, Sam, R, Robinson, N, O'Chiobi, R, Kutar, M ORCID:, Chen, Y ORCID:, Al Ben Jasim, S, Dargahi, T ORCID:, Takruri, H ORCID:, Fitton, S, Talbot, R ORCID:, Wilkie, I ORCID:, Gowda, S ORCID:, Fletcher, G ORCID:, Webb, S, Halstead, T ORCID:, Beech, D, Makarfi, U ORCID:, Underwood, J ORCID:, Wu, Y, Brettle, A ORCID:, Ure, C ORCID:, Wu, Y, Sant, A ORCID:, Moftakhar, Z, Lisanti, M ORCID:, Sotgia, F ORCID:, Naeem, Z ORCID:, Clark, A, Brown, T ORCID:, Preece, S ORCID:, Prasetyo, A ORCID:, Benvenuto, C, Mariani, S, Murray, J, Ochoche, G, Lord, J ORCID:, Bell, R, Shukla, K ORCID:, Holderbaum, W ORCID:, Theodoridis, T ORCID:, Wei, G ORCID:, Ritchie, M, Allely, C ORCID:, Asdullah, M ORCID:, Hazdifar, H, Taylor, T, Parnell, S ORCID: and Yates, K ORCID: SPARC 2022 book of abstracts , Salford Postgraduate Annual Research Conference, 2022 , University of Salford, Salford, United Kingdom.

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